I've been working with a grant project in California for 15 years called Infopeople. During that time I've taught hundreds of all day hands on workshops.  I've also worked as coach, mentor, editor and support for over 200 different library subject matter experts, front-line staff and national consultants to create one-day trainings on over 250 different library related topics delivered throughout California. 

I consult on various grant projects, am on the board of the Applied Improvisation Network and have served on the Leadership of the California Library Association.  I recently completed a 6 month project with Santa Cruz Public Libraries helping them through a hectic transition period that included a new service model, a new staffing model and a new ILS all at the same time with the outcome of deciding to become a learning organization.  I've worked with people from almost every California library and am now venturing out to other parts of the country including work done in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, Florida and Maryland.

The list below includes workshops done over the past 15 years.  For current offerings, see What I Have to Offer

  1. Got Stress: Build Your Personal Change Resilience (2011)
  2. Improvisation at Work: New Ways to Communicate and Innovate  (2011)
  3. Fully Engaged Customer Service
  4. Building Leadership Skills: Planning for the Future
  5. Customer Service in a Self-Check World
  6. Designing Effective Training
  7. Developing Training Materials
  8. Excelling in Any Situation
  9. Exploring Library Leadership
  10. Facilitation Skills
  11. Getting the Most From Your Browser  (2001)
  12. Getting the Most from Microsoft Word ( 2003-present)
  13. Getting the Most from PowerPoint (2003-2009)
  14. Helping the Public Use Public Access Computers
  15. Increase Your Computer Competency - Practical Tips and Tricks
  16. Introduction to Distance Education (distance learning course) (2001)
  17. Introduction to the Internet (1999, 2003)
  18. K12 Resources on the Internet (1999)
  19. Library Leaders -  Community Conveners
  20. Mastering Tough Public Service Situations
  21. New Customer Service Techniques for Libraries: Learning from Fish and Pickle (2004, 2005)
  22. On the Spot Training
  23. Practical Podcasting and Vidcasting (2008)
  24. Strategic Searching
  25. Teaching the Public to Use the Internet
  26. Teambuilding (2010)
  27. To Turn the Computer Off, Press 'Start': Making Sense of Windows (2002, 2004)
  28.  Train the Trainer Library Workshops: Library Training A-Z
  29. Traveling Technology Petting Zoo (2008-present)
  30. Presentation Skills
  31. What Library Staff Need to Know About Web 2.0 (2008)