Feedback on Fully Engaged Customer Service

posted Apr 23, 2009, 4:57 PM by Cheryl Gould   [ updated Jun 20, 2012, 9:45 AM ]

Several of our staff went to your workshop.  And may I say that these were the most difficult for change.  They loved it.  They came back re-energized to try new ideas.  Thank you!!!

The instructor, Cheryl Gould, practiced what she preached.  She is an excellent listener, speaker and motivator.

OK, so I was told to go to this workshop "Fully Engaged Customer Service." I wasn't too thrilled, after all I've done this kind of work since I was a kid.
However, after participating with my colleagues for the day, I've completely changed my mind. Best workshop I've been to. Period.
We were "fully engaged" all day - learning by doing. Interacting and learning to read and use body language, voice tone, all of that. It went fast.

Cheryl Gould was the facilitator for Infopeople; I would recommend her to anyone!

I have not felt so thoroughly listened to  since I went to seminary in 1980-83.  It felt wonderful in all of the exercises and class discussion.