Become Fully Engaged

We spend so much of our time trying to be efficient when what we really need when working with colleagues and customers is to be effective!

Hi, I'm Cheryl Gould and I'm a Learning Facilitator. In a world where multi-tasking is the norm, the skill of being present is getting lost. Being fully engaged ensures that your organization will be ready to meet challenges and see opportunities. To be fully engaged either with a community, a customer or a co-worker, we need to understand and practice the skills of being present, listening, risk taking, flexibility and collaboration. To find creative solutions to problems we need to be aware of our own attention blindness and when our bias or judgments are getting in the way, and celebrate the diversity of perspectives around us.

These values and behaviors can be learned under the right circumstances. If you are looking to train managers to support and coach, build high performing teams, develop leadership potential, or improve facilitation and training skills, my work addresses these challenges in creative, hands-on ways. Through engaging activities using current behavioral research, focused conversations and applied improvisation games, in my work we laugh, learn and grow together.

Cheryl's Mission: To facilitate personal internal awareness of automatic behaviors that get in the way of health, effective communication, in order to produce workplaces where staff collaborate to build relevant services for their customers in a fast changing environment.

Cheryl's Values: Authenticity, respect, open dialogue, fun, connection, presence, and flexibility.

Cheryl's Vision: Staff at all levels feel empowered to communicate, experiment and innovate to create services and environments that support lifelong learning and healthy communities, both inside and outside of the library.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs: cheryl.gould at