Leadership Development

The kind of leadership development I do is transformative for the people in the program and for the culture of the library. We don't just learn about leadership, we experience who each participant is as a leader. We learn and practice leadership skills in the room together and through assignments after each session. The learning is activity driven using current organizational challenges with opportunities to discuss, practice and reflect. We create a team of flexible, change resilient leaders that model excellent communication skills and work together appreciatively to achieve organizational goals.

The program typically takes place over 5-9 months and includes from 7-11 full days of training. Pre-work is done for each session to introduce topics and post session work puts the learning into action. The list below is the high level listing of the topics covered in the full Leadership Development Program.

    • Uncovering our Mental Models of Leadership

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • Basic Awesome Communication

    • Facilitating Groups

    • Running Great Meetings

    • Teambuilding

    • Collaboration

    • Understanding and Engaging in Constructive Conflict

    • Employee Engagement, Motivation and Working from Strengths

    • Feedback

    • Accountability

    • Facilitating Change

    • Creativity

    • Problem Solving

    • Decision Making

    • Strategic Thinking

Whether you need to jumpstart a new leadership team, renew and repair an existing team, or find yourself with a need to do succession planning your leadership program will be custom designed to meet your organizational needs.