What I Do

I work in the areas of behavior change, communication and culture shift to enable libraries to serve their communities. It is no longer sufficient to be good at what we already do, we need to learn new ways to think and act so we can stay relevant. Whether you get there by training all staff or through improving management and leadership (or both) you need excellent communication skills and a flexible, open attitude.

Last but not least, I do staff days of all sizes from 20 to 500 people. Since many of the topics I offer focus on improving work life or work relationships, they are appropriate for all levels of staff. In staff days, whether the topic is improved communication, teamwork, creativity, change resilience or customer service, everyone will work with multiple partners, engage in conversations, and have fun learning together.

For more comprehensive change efforts, I offer longer engagements from 3 months to 2 years which typically include facilitation, design, training, coaching and organizational development work. See my Recent Projects page for more information about my longer term engagements.

I also offer facilitation, consulting and training services by the day or as multi-day sessions. See my Workshops page for descriptions of some of the topics I cover.